Resources is dedicated to keeping our visitors “in the loop”. Below we’ve provided some resources that can help you do just that. From the latest social news, to the latest market numbers, the links below shed a comprehensive light on the world of online gambling.

The Guardian:

The Guardian has long been a reliable source of journalism. They cover a wide array of topics, such as world news, sports, culture, lifestyle —and gambling. The society section of The Guardian website has an entire section dedicated to the latest news and content on gambling. Their stories are centered on the social and legal aspects of gambling. You may find a study regarding the ramification of gambling apps, or you may find a story on the latest developments in a Supreme Court case. The Guardian is one of the few remaining news websites that doesn’t have a paywall, so you can browse to your heart’s content without having to spend a penny. To start your reading click here:

The New York Times:

For our visitors who are more business minded, you may be more interested in the content the New York Times has to offer. Included in the business portion of their website is the market breakdown of casinos and gaming. They include numbers from both U.S. markets and world markets. Staying informed on the day to day fluctuations of the gambling market is essential for anyone in the business. For more information on the gambling market click here:

iGaming Business:

iGaming Business is one of the sector’s leaders in disseminating information. They operate on multiple platforms, including: websites, magazines, events, and intelligence reports. They have over 16,000 affiliates, operators, and vendors. They cover the basics like daily news, but also delve deeper with pertinent legal information. This company has been a part of the online gaming sector for over 14 years and claims to be the biggest publishing company within the sector. Some of their publications include: iGaming Business Magazine, iGaming Business North America Magazine, iGB Affiliate Magazine, MarketPlace, and several more. To read all about today’s latest in the world of gambling click here: