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Update Facebook Fan Pages and Profile Pages from an RSS feed

If you've got a Facebook Fan Page, then plug your RSS feed into it so that you can easily keep your fans up to date with the latest goings on from your site.

It's very easy to import your RSS feed into Facebook - it's just not always all that easy to find the link!

Power notes on your Facebook Fan Page from an RSS feed

To let your Facebook Fan Page update from an RSS feed, simply log in, go to the Fan Page, write a new "note" and when you publish it or save it as a draft, you'll see a box on the right asking you if you'd like to import a RSS feed. Why you can't see this box until after you've written a note I don't know! But that's how I tracked it down!

Import your RSS feed onto your Facebook Fan Page

Alternatively, just use this link, but use your Fan Page id :[YOUR FAN PAGE ID]&import

NaturalBornShopper Fan Page:
Correct link to adding a RSS feed (when logged in as the admin for the group):

I've read that only users who became a fan of your page AFTER you submitted your RSS feed will actually see your feed updates (published as Facebook Notes) on their home page/news feed. So the sooner you do it, the better. Your Fans can also choose to stop seeing your Notes on their home page/news feed at any time.

Power notes on your Facebook Profile Page from an RSS feed

Whilst logged into your Facebook account, follow this link to add an RSS feed to your Profile Page. Each new article/piece/entry in your feed with then appear on your Profile Page (inc. the Notes tab) and the News Feed that your friends see.

Import your RSS feed onto your Facebook Profile Page

Follow the instructions to confirm you want to import your blog, and then your posts will appear on your Profile, particularly your Notes page.

Import your RSS feed onto your Facebook Profile Page

If you ever want to stop importing your blog, you can just visit that link again and click on the button that'll then say "stop importing".